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I love cooking for the kids. I'm no expert but my recipes are simple comfort food, fresh and easy to prepare. Everything is suitable for a baby age 6 months + or can be adapted so you can eat as a family without having to preparing several different dishes. Each recipe is based on a family of 4 plus a baby, therefore you may need to adjust the quantities to suit your requirements. Enjoy x

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I totally adore baby-led weaning. As you know, I'm a self-confessed food fan. Nothing pretentious, just simple, home-cooked family comfort food. So when my first was coming up to 6 months, I started to explore the different options for starting solids. Purees seemed like the standard and most common approach. Something about this style of feeding/eating just didn't click for me. I wanted my children to see food as it existed, in its whole, and natural state. That seemed standard and normal to me. Food looking and feeling like food. So I went down the baby-led or 'finger food' route instead. And never looked back!

After writing my Super Speedy 10 Minute Pesto recipe, I decided to have a play around with different weekday family dinner options which included the pesto. It’s definitely not just for pasta! My kids love it, so we do tend to eat it once every couple of weeks and there are so many ways you can use it. This easy salmon recipe would be a great way to use up a jar of homemade pesto in your fridge. Equally, it’s amazing in pitta bread with melted mozzarella and ham.

Do you have children who only like to eat boring, repetitive food?

Have you started making separate meals to cater to each child’s preferences?

Is dinner time stressful?

I asked a group of parents for their advice and have put together 10 top tips for fussy eaters. Inspired by real families, the aim is to encourage children to try new foods and bring the fun back to mealtimes.


pesto pasta

Most kids love pasta. It’s super quick for a weeknight dinner – this recipe takes 10 minutes from start to finish! The pesto is also ideal for making in advance and stores well in the fridge for up to a week.

This quick and easy 20-minute recipe is easy to make, fun for children to eat and easily adaptable for younger babies. I make it at least once a fortnight and it’s usually always well received. It’s also a great dish to prepare in advance and put under the grill at the last minute.