The Postnatal Nanny Workshops!

The Postnatal Nanny workshops are coming to Stamford in June & July! Three brand new workshops covering the basics of baby-led weaning, potty training, and breastfeeding.


These three workshops are designed to provide you with a grounding in three key stages of development in babies and toddlers. For further info read on, or drop me an email to ask any questions. I'm also keen to chat about any other developmental stages you may be interested in attending workshops for, so suggestions are always welcome!


An Introduction to Baby-led Weaning

Is your baby almost 6 months? Are you starting to think about introducing solids soon? Family mealtimes are a great opportunity to connect with each other, share a love of food and conversation. The baby-led approach encourages your children to enjoy simple, nutritious food at the table with you. Children are able to learn about the textures, smells, tastes, and shapes of food while learning new physical skills at the same time. I introduced baby-led weaning to our family when my oldest was 6 months, and never looked back! It worked for our family and my children embraced the process from day one. If you are interested in learning more about baby-led weaning and finger foods, I am running a brand new workshop covering the basics of baby-led weaning, giving you the confidence to prepare healthy, varied family meals you can all enjoy together. Our 90-minute workshops are designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started! Group numbers are kept small so there is more opportunity for discussion and space is available for your little one to play while we chat! 

Topics Covered

Signs of readiness

NHS guidance on when to start 

What to expect from milk feeds once first foods are introduced

Great first foods to try

Foods to avoid

How to cook, prepare and serve first foods

Equipment to buy

How eating will change during the first year

Introducing drinks


An Introduction To Potty Training

Are you ready to start thinking about potty training your toddler? I would probably have to say that potty training is the LEAST fun part of parenting! No child is the same, they are ready when they are ready, and they crack it when they are ready too! The key to success is starting at the right time and ensuring it is as stress-free as possible. I am running a new workshop teaching the basics of potty training ready for when you are planning to begin. You are welcome to attend this workshop as early as you like. Some parents find that 12 months is a good age to begin the research as you are armed with the skills long before your little one begins to show signs of readiness. However, there really is no age limit for attendance, so come along at a time to suit you.

Topics Covered

Signs of readiness

What to buy

How to begin

Potty training when out of the house

Barriers to potty training

Becoming dry overnight

What to do if it doesn't go well


An Introduction To Breastfeeding (Antenatal Workshop)

An introduction to breastfeeding is an antenatal workshop, attendance welcome at any stage of pregnancy. Come along for an evening of discussion around all aspects of breastfeeding preparation! This session is ideal for first-time parents who would like to learn how to breastfeed, find out what is normal, be prepared for possible challenges you may face along the way, and discover how your breastfeeding journey will change as your baby grows. 

Topics Covered

Normal breastfeeding behaviour

What to expect on day one

Why colostrum is so important

How to achieve a deep latch

How and when your milk comes in

Building a good milk supply

Responsive feeding

Positioning & attachment

Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding at night

Safe sleep & breastfeeding

Where to seek support

Breastfeeding as your baby grows


Workshop Details (Baby-led Weaning & Potty Training)

The workshops are held at The Mill Wellbeing and Birth Centre, Duddington nr Stamford. You will only need to attend one session as each date is a complete guide to the chosen topic. Two dates are available to cater to the needs of different families. When booking, simply choose the date most suited you! 

One booked ticket admits one adult & baby. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing recommendations, we are unable to accommodate larger family groups at this time, however, for future workshops, we are hoping this will be possible! 

The Mill is a beautiful, recently refurbished venue with easy parking, changing facilities, and a ground floor workshop space. Do also have a look at their website to see what else they have on offer.

Workshop Details (Breastfeeding)

 Venue details for this workshop are as above at The Mill Wellbeing and Birth Centre in the same beautiful room. There is one date available for this workshop, although if demand is high, there is potential for further dates to be added in the autumn! 

This is an antenatal workshop for pregnant couples. One booked ticket admits two adults; the pregnant mother and her partner/birthing partner. Attendance is welcome at any stage during pregnancy. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, group numbers will be kept small to allow for social distancing measures to remain in place.       

 BOOK TICKETS HERE and feel free to drop me an email if you have any further questions!