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So you’ve just had a baby and you’re wondering what happens next? Here we talk sleep, milk, food, potty training, toddler tantrums, Peppa Pig. Be prepared to open yourself up to a whole new experience… life is about to get interesting.

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Babies are changeful creatures. The speed at which they develop physically is incredible and with this rapid growth and development inevitably comes a host of different challenges. One of which is a rather fussy and sometimes delicate digestive system. There are so many factors that can upset the balance inside their little tummies.

The Postnatal Nanny workshops are coming to Stamford in June & July! Three brand new workshops covering the basics of baby-led weaning, potty training, and breastfeeding.


These three workshops are designed to provide you with a grounding in three key stages of development in babies and toddlers. For further info read on, or drop me an email to ask any questions. I'm also keen to chat about any other developmental stages you may be interested in attending workshops for, so suggestions are always welcome!

Someone bring me coffee, please. My youngest is 4 months, and until now, we were plodding along quite nicely, still feeding on demand and seeing each other maybe twice in the night (by night, I mean between 10 pm and 5 am) for a quick feed and back to sleep. Then we hit a bit of a stumbling block. He was back to hourly feeds and very unsettled all night long. It was like being right back at square one in those early newborn days. 

How many of us, when pregnant, thought about what might happen during labour and birth? How many of us read about practical baby care? Plenty of both I’d imagine. But... How many of us actually prepared for the recovery period, or what is often called ‘the fourth trimester’?

What Is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk you produce in small amounts during late pregnancy and when your baby is firstborn. It is sticky in consistency and yellowish in colour. Essentially what it is- is a concentrated form of breastmilk packed full of immunological properties to protect your newborn from the sudden exposure to all of the germs in the big, wide world.

Your baby is a day old. The shock of having given birth has finally sunk in and suddenly you are faced with the reality of total unrelenting responsibility for a brand new baby. I’m guessing at this point you’re probably feeling massively overwhelmed by everything and what you’d love more than anything in the world is to curl up in bed, enjoy 8 hours of undisturbed sleep and regain some energy and focus. Then you find out that everything you have ever read in a baby book, or learned at an antenatal class is true. Babies definitely wake up. A LOT.